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This week we decided to venture to the upper echelon of chain restaurants, Outback Steakhouse, for a steak-burger.  The purpose of this trip to Outback was celebratory, as we had made plans with another couple, Red Robyn & Mountaineer Matt, to celebrate Burger-at-Law’s new job with a blooming onion.  I was excited about getting a burger at Outback simply because I had never had one.  To be honest, I can’t think of a time when I got anything beyond the Outback Special.  As I’ve said before, I’m a big fan of consistency.

So we got to Outback and quickly ordered up a few big bloke drafts (22 oz. mugs full of icy cold beer) and the world’s best fried object, the blooming onion.  Simply stated, the blooming onion is golden, deep fried manna from heaven.  If I hadn’t married the Belle, I would have married a blooming onion. 

                To my surprise, Outback had a pretty decent selection of burgers, which included a blooming onion topped burger and your standard bacon cheeseburger.  However, I opted for their variation of the french dip.  I ordered a filet mignon sandwich on foccacia bread with a little aioli sauce on top.  This sandwich was incredible.  The filet was typical of Outback: rare, buttery, and juicy meat.  The real kick was dipping this sandwich in the au jus sauce.  Notwithstanding a fine single malt, au jus sauce may be the best liquid around. 

                Overall the entire Outback experience was quite good.  The only problem was that our waiter was “noticeably stoned” and kept forgetting stuff.  I definitely think that this burger/steak sandwich is worth ordering next time you are at Outback.  My only concern with this meal was that I was left with a bunch of au jus sauce because I gobbled up the filet so quickly.  I guess I’m going to spend the rest of my weekend trying to find things to dip into the au jus I brought home.   Happy eating everyone!

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