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                After a long hiatus from eating and reviewing burgers, I decided to mark my return by consuming one of Charm City’s must hyped burgers.  Accordingly, Friday night found the Belle and I at Federal Hill’s very own Mother’s.  Mother’s is one of the most well known bars (for better or worse) in Baltimore.  I’ve been to Mother’s several times, once for the purple patio before a Raven’s game and the other for Halloween many moons ago.  Both times I left thinking that Mother’s is an overcrowded bar.  I didn’t realize that Mother’s was known for its food until I saw a burger featured in Belle’s Food Network Magazine and later learned it was featured on the Today Show.  With expectations held high, we ventured back to Federal Hill for yet another hamburger. 

                Even though we got there around 9:30 at night on a Friday, we were able to get a low key window seat in a quiet corner of the restaurant section of Mother’s.  With the advent of online menus, the Belle and I arrived armed with the knowledge of what we wanted to eat.  We decided we were going to try the buffalo shrimp.  I expected overly battered and deep fried shrimp dipped in buffalo sauce.  To my surprise, the six perfectly cooked shrimp had the crispy consistency of a well cooked buffalo wing.  They were tender, spicy, and very succulent.  The shrimp were the highlight of the evening and were definitely one of the better appetizers I’ve had in a long time.   


Think he knew about buffalo shrimp?

The Belle order the Jerry Garcia Veggie Burger, which is made in house from veggies, oats, and black beans.  The Belle seemed to really enjoy it, and I thought it had good flavor.  It really reminded us both of falafel.  However, any Dead Head will tell you that a veggie burger should be named after Bob Weir, not Jerry.   The Belle also made very good use out of the crayons and paper table cloth. 

I ordered the Big Buh’ Burger.  This is their standard burger.  It is an 8 oz beef patty with the chef’s “special seasoning.”  I ordered it medium with lettuce, tomato, swiss, mustard and catsup.  However, I think it was cooked more like medium well.  While the burger was well seasoned (in the mold of a good backyard burger), the burger left something to be desired.  I think this mostly stems from the fact that the burgers are served on huge buns.  The starchy buns really overpowered the burger, which is unfortunate.  For me, I like smaller buns (not a double entendre).  This could have made the burger a whole heck of a lot better.  One positive point was that the burger was very juicy and had a more than adequate juice/grease drip.   However, that still didn’t warrant the loaf of bread on each side of the meat. 

Mother’s makes their own home cut fries.  My traditional boardwalk style fries were decent but I barely ate them.  However, the Belle ordered the sweet potato fries and those were awesome.  We did pair our burgers with beer; the Belle opted for Heineken light, while I enjoyed Baltimore’s very own Resurrection.  I’d have to say that both of us chose wisely on that front. 

All in all, the trip to Mother’s was pretty good.  However, I wonder what I’d say if we hadn’t ordered the buffalo shrimp, as they were the clear hero of the night.  I’d go back for just those and then head over to Abbey Burger for a better burger (unless Mother’s fixes their bun problem).  The burger meat itself was satisfying, but the bun killed it for me.  In all honesty, I think the Mother’s burger fell victim to too much hype.  The good thing is it is fixable.

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